The latest visual trends can ensure your content is always relevant and compelling


We all know how important using the right visuals are in social media marketing. After all, image posts on Facebook sees 2.3x more engagement that other post types and Tweets with photos get 313% more engagement. To ensure your content is constantly compelling and attention-grabbing, you need to know about the latest visual trends.

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24 Predictions for Social Media & Social Media Marketing in 2017


It’s the end of the year and this means New Year’s resolutions and prediction posts. What will happen to Snapchat? Will Instagram overtake Snapchat in 2017? Will Twitter continue to be relevant?

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Social Customer Service is the New Marketing


According to a new study conducted by Twitter, responding to customer tweets boosts customer willingness to spend with the business. The fastest responses generate the greatest revenue impact – for example, when airline responded to a customer’s Tweet in less than six minutes, the customer was willing to pay almost USD$20 more for that airline in the future! 

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Twitter test redesigns how you compose new tweets


Twitter is experimenting with a new look for the tweet composer in its iOS app. The test moves the app’s tweet composer to the top of users’ timelines instead of appearing separately in the app. This new look will cause the app to behave more like Twitter’s desktop website.

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Twitter relaxes restrictions on 140 characters


It’s been reported that Twitter’s user growth has been down recently. This triggered the social network to make various changes including expanding the 140-character limit. In the following months, tagging usernames and attaching media like photos, GIFs and videos will no longer use up characters. At the same time, users will also be able to retweet their own Tweets.

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