Pinterest New Search Functionality takes Product Discovery to the Next Level


The Pinterest visual search or red-dot system enables users to pin-point an item in an image and search for similar images and products online. As part of Pinterest’s efforts to convert the platform into a major eCommerce and online shopping site, they are looking to advance this image recognition feature in order to make it more user-friendly.

More details about Pinterest’s visual search here.

Facebook Enables Continuous Live Video Support and Geogating


Facebook will now allow non-stop, long-form broadcasting from Live Videos. Previously, only 90 minutes of Live Streams were allowed. You can now live stream a whole conference on the platform! However, there is currently no option that allow for video replay or rewind.

Facebook also rolled out a new geogating feature to the Live API, which allows publishers to make their video visible to people in a specific location.

More about the feature here.


Visits to Facebook Canvas Ads Average 31 Seconds


CanvasIt’s been a year since Facebook opened up Canvas Ads, the full-screen ad format which allows marketers to build an entire campaign in one space. Today, the social network releases data showing how Canvas Ads worked within the year. Progress reports show that Facebook users have spent the equivalent of more than 100 years viewing Canvas ads, and the average visit is 31 seconds and 50 percent of Canvas ads were built in 10 minutes or less.

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YouTube Launches its Messaging App



Google is testing a YouTube messaging app so you can chat and share videos without leaving the platform.

The feature is now being rolled out to a small group of users. YouTube is hoping that these people will be able to invite their friends to chat, simply by adding them to a conversation thread and encourage them to share more videos within the app.general launch date has not yet been confirmed.

On the other hand, the messaging app’s general launch date has not yet been confirmed.

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How to Get Started on the Most Popular Social Media Networks


Planning to start your business’ social media presence? Most people would think that having presence in every social media channel available is the most effective way. The truth is, it’s not always effective especially for small businesses. You can focus on the best platforms applicable to your business, learn how you can optimise your presence there and create great results.

Facebook and Twitter give you the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with your customers. Pinterest lets you inspire and educate your customers on new skills, products or projects while Instagram is a way for you to share more of your business perspective.

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