Will Instagram Stories lead to the demise of Snapchat? Early data has shown that Snapchat remains the most popular social media app among teenagers, despite the introduction of Instagram Stories in August. Read more here.

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4 Ways to Incorporate Instagram Stories into your Social Marketing Efforts


Instagram Stories allow brands to further engage with followers, increase content visibility and promote brand presence on the platform. Find out how you can leverage Instagram Stories in your social media strategy here!

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Facebook NewsFeed Turns 10


Your social timeline that is an essential part of your Facebook experience came to life a decade ago. That is 10 years ago!

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Mark Zuckerberg shared on Facebook with his 78 million followers celebrating what he dubbed was “Facebook’s most advanced” invention. Describing the feature’s invetion as one of his “favourite stories from Facebook’s history”, he recalled how different Facebook looked before its introduction, where Facebook was simply a collection of profiles. “There was no way to see updates from all your friends or be sure they saw yours,” he said.

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Can you guess how much Selena Gomez’s social media posts are worth?


If you had guessed somewhere between $500k to $600k, you are absolutely right! AdWeek reports that the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts from the Disney star are valued up to a whopping USD$550,000 per post!

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BumbleBizz is exactly what is sounds like


Find your next job with a swipe. To be launched later in the year, initially a mobile dating application, Bumble expands to BumbleBizz to allow you to build and expand your business connections. Built on the same notion of users around you, users will be matched according to field of work and geographical location.

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