5 Social Advertising Strategies To Outsmart Your Competition


If you aren’t targeting users whose interests include your direct competitors in your Facebook media buying, you’re doing it wrong. Get ahead of your competitors with these 5 advertising strategies! Read more here.

facebook-interest-targeting-competitive-adsImage via socialmediatoday.com

Here are the most important social media metrics and why you should care


If your main objective of using social media is to make sales or collect leads, these are the metrics that really matter:

  1. Click-through rate
  2. Bounce rate and
  3. Social media shares.

Find out why these social media metrics are important for you in achieving a positive ROI here.

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Instagram by the numbers


Want to get a better understanding of Instagram’s expanding audience? Check out this infographic from Younity!

instagram numbers info(1)Image Credit: getyounity.com

A Study on Facebook Sharing Habits by Generation



Unsure of what content your target audience likes to share on social? Fractl Agency recently conducted a study of more than 2,000 users to determine their sharing behaviours on Facebook. Find out the number of times and the types of content users share, and other interesting data from their research here.


Facebook’s Introduces Topic-Specific News Feeds


Facebook is currently testing out a new version of the newsfeed: The Topics-based Feeds will allow users to pull up streams of posts based on their topics of interest. The default listings of the Topics Feeds will be based on the content users interact with most on Facebook but these feeds can easily be customised in Settings. Does this new move mean that it will be easier or more difficult for brands to reach out to their audience?

More about Facebooks Topic-Specific News Feeds here.