10 Instagram Stats You Need to Know!


Digital marketing changes very quickly, so it’s important to stay ahead of the game. One way to do this to keeping an eye on stats. Stats can help you predict trends and find ways to make an impact in the market. The following Instagram stats in the article below can help you plan your strategy!

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The latest visual trends can ensure your content is always relevant and compelling


We all know how important using the right visuals are in social media marketing. After all, image posts on Facebook sees 2.3x more engagement that other post types and Tweets with photos get 313% more engagement. To ensure your content is constantly compelling and attention-grabbing, you need to know about the latest visual trends.

Shutterstock highlights visual content trends in their annual report here.

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24 Predictions for Social Media & Social Media Marketing in 2017


It’s the end of the year and this means New Year’s resolutions and prediction posts. What will happen to Snapchat? Will Instagram overtake Snapchat in 2017? Will Twitter continue to be relevant?

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Instagram Adds Stickers and Hands-free Recording to Stories!


Instagram has recently unveiled a new update for Stories where they have added “a special set of 12 holiday stickers available for the new few weeks”, in addition to the existing emoji options and a one-touch hands-free video mode.

“Whether you’re frosting a cake, or showing off a new product in action, there’s no need to press and hold,” says Instagram.

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Will Instagram Stories lead to the demise of Snapchat? Early data has shown that Snapchat remains the most popular social media app among teenagers, despite the introduction of Instagram Stories in August. Read more here.

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