The Rise of the Micro Influencer


Influencer strategies used to be about aligning the brand with the person with the largest following to reap results and reach. Enter the age of the micro-influencer, where more brands are turning to people with far less numbers of followers to help them share their messages.

What does a brand get in return of recruiting the micro influencer?
Authenticity, unique points of view, deeper storytelling and the potential of reaching a more tailored audience.

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Four Common Pitfalls of Influencer Marketing


While many brands have hopped on the influencer marketing bandwagon, a majority do not know how to go around it. The most common mistake brands make when they recruit influencers is thinking influencers will magically grow their business. They forget influencers are people who have built a relationship with their followers and most often, would share their genuine experiences on their social platforms.

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How Influencer Marketing Moves Beyond Raising Awareness


Influencer marketing has moved beyond raising awareness for businesses, it also has the power to influence consumers’ decision-making and affect sales. It has been shown that offers shared by trusted advocates are 4 to 10 times more likely to convert people than those distributed by brands!

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Value of Influencer Marketing



Twitter has revealed new data on how influencers are a close second to friends on impacting user trust and purchasing decisions:

  • 49% of respondents relies on influencers for product recommendation, while 56% relies from Tweets from their friends
  • Those exposed to the combination of brand and influencer Tweets had a 5.2x increase in purchase intent compared to the 2.7x lift from those who are exposed to brand Tweets only.
  • 1/3 of Millennial users (aged 13 to 24) report following Vine creators on Twitter

With this data, influencer marketing is proving to be very valuable for brands looking for ways to effectively communicate their brand message.

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