The latest visual trends can ensure your content is always relevant and compelling


We all know how important using the right visuals are in social media marketing. After all, image posts on Facebook sees 2.3x more engagement that other post types and Tweets with photos get 313% more engagement. To ensure your content is constantly compelling and attention-grabbing, you need to know about the latest visual trends.

Shutterstock highlights visual content trends in their annual report here.

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Facebook Sees 1.23 Billion Active Users Logging in Every Day in Q4


Facebook continues to be the world’s biggest social network, seeing 1.86 billion active users in Q4 2016, out of which, 1.23 billion logs in every day. This is 72 million more users than the previous quarter. While Instagram is not too far behind with 600 million users active on the platform. Display ads and paid search ads may have their place but it seems that social media advertising is truly the way to go in the online advertising game.

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24 Predictions for Social Media & Social Media Marketing in 2017


It’s the end of the year and this means New Year’s resolutions and prediction posts. What will happen to Snapchat? Will Instagram overtake Snapchat in 2017? Will Twitter continue to be relevant?

Read SocialMediaToday’s Andrew’s Hutchinson social media predictions for 2017 here.


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Podcasts on Facebook?


Facebook recently announced that it will be rolling out Live Audio. A complement to its Facebook Live video streaming, it could bring audio-first content like podcasts to the News Feed, and provide a low-bandwidth real-time broadcasting options to publishers in low-connectivity areas. Read more here.


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5 Social Advertising Strategies To Outsmart Your Competition


If you aren’t targeting users whose interests include your direct competitors in your Facebook media buying, you’re doing it wrong. Get ahead of your competitors with these 5 advertising strategies! Read more here.

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