Social Customer Service is the New Marketing


According to a new study conducted by Twitter, responding to customer tweets boosts customer willingness to spend with the business. The fastest responses generate the greatest revenue impact – for example, when airline responded to a customer’s Tweet in less than six minutes, the customer was willing to pay almost USD$20 more for that airline in the future! 

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New Study Looks at What Makes People Unfollow Brands on Social


Have you ever wondered what your customers really want on social media and what turns them off? A recent study shows that respondents indicated that the most annoying thing brands do on social is posting too many promotions. Read more here.

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How to Win New Followers & Customers with your Responses on Instagram


Most brands do not engage in conversations on Instagram. Which is odd when you think about it, as a vast majority of businesses can’t afford to ignore comments on Facebook or customer complaints on Twitter. So why would brands disregard Instagram comments altogether?

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Instagram to Replace Photo Map Option with New Light Level Detection Tool


Given that maps and location services have always played a significant role in the development of Instagram, the company has confirmed that they are removing the photo maps option from the app. They will be replacing it with a new feature that helps to optimise your camera settings at variable light levels.

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Say goodbye to disappearing moments


Introducing Snapchat Memories!

You can now save and re-post Snaps and Stories on Snapchat. Save, search using keywords, replay or re-share old photos and videos. It is now the default in-app place where Snaps are saved to, as compared to your Camera Roll.

This update changes the here-today-gone-tomorrow appeal that the app’s core feature is built upon. Keep an eye out to Memories by swiping up on your Snapchat camera screen.

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