We all know for a fact that the weeks leading up to Christmas is the busiest times for retailers. What might be less obvious is that the busiest online content posting period starts early in September, and online sales drop a week before Christmas. It can be tricky to find the exact time to start leveling up the brand’s content. Do it too early and the audience may get bored by Christmas, do it too late and they might already have become loyal fans of other brands.

To heighten sales during the festive season, more and more brands are building campaigns and promoting discounts, and it is not hard to see why. 52% of social media marketers found customers via Facebook, and 65% of festive shoppers will look to social media for ideas and influence.  Let your social media pages live and breathe Christmas once December starts to make sure the audience is well aware of your presence, and have you in mind during their Christmas shopping.

Mr Youth has created a cheery infographic of how social media helps brands flourish through the festive season.



Source: FabricDigital Buzz BlogSocial Bakers