Twitter Introduces Two New Customer Service Tools


Twitter announces new tools to help connect businesses and customers better: Direct Messages (DM) and Customer Feedback. DMs aren’t new, but businesses can now add a link on their Tweets that allows their customers to send the business a Direct Message easily and quickly.

Read more about Twitter’s new customer service tools here.


It takes all kinds to make the (digital) world go round


Plenty of studies have revealed the different personalities you encounter on social media. Don’t be fooled, people you know in real life might take on extremely different personalities online. What prevailed from these studies are the extremes of traits, such as the informers and the lurkers.


Many a times, it is difficult to differentiate one personality from the other, especially from looking at just the persona’s profile. Queue the social media agency!

At One9Ninety, we pride ourselves in identifying the social media influencers that make the difference to whether a brand’s social media presence sink or swim. As we all know it, it is much easier to trust consumer recommendations than brand advertisements. A whopping 78% of consumers rather make purchase decisions based on recommendations than to have seen in an advertisement. So, we look out for the obsessed and the informers on social media. Those who are trusted and liked by their large following, who post valuable and original content regularly, and we let them speak for the brands. They generally rank highly in all the aspects of the “Big Five”: Neuroticism, Extraversion, Openness, Agreeableness and Conscientiousness.

Using digital tools and expertise in identifying these influencers, we connect them to brands that they mirror to build valuable and beneficial relationships.