Facebook Updates Video Metrics in Page Insights

New Video Metrics

New Video Metrics | Image: Facebook

Do you love publishing your online video content on Facebook? Good news! Facebook’s new redesigned video metrics interface now allows publishers to access key video metrics to thoroughly assess and improve their video strategies.

With the updated interface, publishers can now get the information of the following: [1] total minutes of watch time spent on the video, [2] video reach, [3] video impressions, [4] the number of times the video was viewed up to 10 seconds and [5] average percent completion.

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Facebook Plans to put Ads Inside Messenger



A report says Facebook Messenger ads are rolling out in the next couple of months. The report says the leaked document states that the ads are planned to appear only inside message threads of businesses, giving new opportunities in ad targeting.

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Facebook Rolling Out Immersive ‘Canvas’ Ad Option to All Advertisers


Facebook’s ad product “Canvas” is now available for all advertisers. Canvas ads are mini-websites built within Facebook. So once a Canvas ad is clicked, the ad expands to a full-screen. Facebook is slowly rolling this out to all advertisers. As of today, not all ad accounts have this option yet.

Facebook Rolling Out Immersive ‘Canvas’ Ad Option to All Advertisers | Social Media Today

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