Watsons Logo

Date of completion: December 25, 2012

Link: http://www.facebook.com/watsons.sg

Description: Social Media


For every $30 spent in a single receipt at any Watsons store, fans can enter their receipt number on a Facebook application and enter a daily lucky draw to win a product hamper worth $100.  Wats the Logo? Game is a weekly game with a set of 24 incomplete logos + 4 bonus logos which the fans have to guess accurately to earn a chance in the weekly draw to win an iPhone5. The nature and mechanics of the campaign encouraged fan exchanges of information and resulted in a significant increase of engagement (+94% PTAT rate)

The 1M reach achieved (75% female) during the campaign represents an estimated media value of $24,000.


Total Application Tab views: 91K
Total reach: 1.1M
No. of receipts entered: 10.8K
Estimated redemption rate: 1.5%
Unique Logo game participants: 16.2K
New fans gained during campaign period: 11K
Average PTAT during campaign: 2.6%
Average PTAT during last 7 days: 3.7%

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