Playboy Fragrances

Date of completion: July 31, 2014


Description: Facebook application - Indonesia

Create awareness about Body Mist range among core target audience (girls 16-25yo)
Leverage the different "moods" in the range: Fizzy, Fresh, Sweet & Chic

A talent search to recruit 4 Miss Body Mist who encompass the personalities and spirits of the 4 products.

  • Stage 1: Call for entries - participants upload 2 photos of themselves (1 illustrating the Body Mist mood of their choice and 1 photo with their favorite Body Mist fragrance bottle)

  • Stage 2: Voting - 5 finalists per category (selection based on fans and jury votes)

  • Stage 3: Finals - finalists use an online diary to post photos, text and videos and share more about themselves. Fans vote for them by liking the content published through the Facebook app


65,000  New Facebook fans acquired

221  Entries

50K  Votes received

3.7M  Unique campaign reach

More screenshots: