LG Mobile

Date of completion: December 1, 2011

Link: http://www.facebook.com/LGMobileSingapore



- Support the marketing and PR efforts for the launch of the new LG Optimus range of smartphones One (Android) and 7 (Windows 7)
- Engage LG Facebook and Twitter community
- Encourage User-Generated Content and internet Word-of-Mouth


We recruited 20 prominent efluencers, equipped them with an LG mobile phone, and invited them to journal their Life’s Good Moments using the product in a personal online diary on LG’s Facebook page. The Facebook application we conceived gave the Ambassadors a personal diary page where they could directly upload their photos, videos, text, and receive votes, comments, shares and likes from the community. An exiting challenge strongly incentivised Ambassadors to rally their community to vote for them.  A teaser video as well as a final video of the most voted efluencers’ Life’s Good Moments were produced, presented at the launch's press conference and disseminated across the social web.


30,504,328  Total brand and campaign related posts views

147,000 video views

1,537  Authentic brand-related posts generated

189,055  Total e-fluencers’ Facebook fans, tweeter followers, YouTube subscribers & unique blog visitors exposed to brand posts

6,930 Comments, likes & shares

45,593  Total no. of votes