Date of completion: June 30, 2014


Description: Facebook application - 5-week campaign


  • Raise awareness about Friso's sole milk production process "From grass to glass"

  • Distribute vouchers to boost sales

  • Drive engagement within Friso Facebook community


We created a gamified journey across the Friso milk production process, from Netherland's Friso farms to Singapore stores, whereby participants had to:
- Adopt a cow (choose one among 10 profiles and name it)
- Take care of it and make it happy (by feeding it, giving it fresh grass, water and massages). The happier the cow is the more milk it produces
- Milk it (in 6 hour intervals)
- Process the milk and package it into Friso tins (challenge to identify and collect tins with the right Friso shield within 30 seconds)


3,738  Game users

$219K  Total amount of vouchers distributed

309K  Total visits to the application

83  Average number of visits per user

More screenshots: