Mobile app builder and social mobile network maker

Create your own mobile social app, in record time, at a fraction of the usual cost! In a time when consumers’ engagement and retention are keys for brands, they inevitably become more costly on third-party social networks. At One9Ninety, we offer you an opportunity to take consumer engagements to the next level by providing deep branded experiences to your audience on mobile with your own branded social network.

1. Your own mobile social app One9mobile is a built-in mobile app platform or mobile app maker which offers the key features of a social app, available on iOS and Android, and fully customisable to reflect your brand identity.

Key features:
– User profile
– News feed
– Social features: follow/followers, post content, engagement (like, share, comment, follow, chat)
– Score & leaderboard system – Photo editing tools – Search & geolocation – Push notifications


Increase & reward your community engagement with challenges:
– Check-in at listed location
– Meet new people
– Photo contest
– Poll it
– Quiz
– Unique code (upon purchase)
– Guess the image
– Store audit (upcoming)

mobile app challenge guess the image
mobile app challenge contest check-in location

2. In record time Instead of waiting 8 months to develop the app, we only need 2 months to customise the same native app. The app’s structure, layout and feature are already developed and ready for use.

3. At a fraction of the usual cost Developing a native mobile app requires a massive investment on your part. One9mobile reduces this cost (and the risks) with its social mobile app builder platform while providing to your customers first-class brand experiences through advanced social features. The cost includes initial set-up fees.

Why a branded social network on mobile?
– social usage of mobile is constantly increasing
– you own the media, the community and the data (unlike third-party social networks)
– you reach 100% of your active users via the news feed and push notifications
– ROI driven -CTM and loyalty – activations at will – drive traffic – run promotions

Giving your target audience a platform to communicate and socialise with like-minded people around your brand’s content pillars, creating a VIP loyalty channel to engage with your best advocates or building a corporate network for your employees, opportunities for a social network on mobile are endless.


if you are ready to own your community


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