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At One9Ninety we are striving to propose the best campaigns and brands to our community of bloggers in South East Asia. We have engaged about 20,000 influencers across all our campaigns. Whether you have a real brand passion and advocacy for a business or brand, just feel free to register to our database and we will contact you should any matching opportunity arise for you.

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for brands :


We provide for brands and businesses a branded Mobile Social Network to engage your most passionate fans and influencers. The One9Ninety Mobile Platform is a powerful native mobile framework running for IOS and Android and for multi devices (Mobile and Tablets).  It allows clients to engage their community with interactive content, games, challenges, chat, newsfeed, point system and more. We customise this application on demand. Thanks to our SaaS framework, we can deploy your native branded mobile application within 2 to 3 months. Check this case study.

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