Our Company

Founded in 2008, One9ninety operate in Asia & Europe through its offices in Singapore & Paris. From social strategy to daily campaign execution, our dedicated Team have proudly partnered with over 50 of the most reputable brands and customers in Asia & Europe.

Our Mission

We market brands on the social web.
We recommend, develop and execute social and digital media strategies.
We focus on business objectives to deliver brand equity, sales and loyalty.
We deal with massive amounts of data.
We use quite a bit of technology.
We love online social and community dynamics.
We praise authentic word of mouth.
We develop innovative web, Facebook and mobile applications.
We get quite serious on social CRM and Social commerce.
We have a real thing for participation.

What’s with the name?

Check the 1% rule! Out of 100 netizens, only ONE creates original content, 9 edit it and NINETY are influenced by it. We track, identify and engage with the ONE % online creators and the 9 % fast followers to influence the perception and purchasing decisions of the NINETY % mass audience.


Laurent Verrier, CEO and Founder at One9ninety gathered a Team of more than 20 professionals. These seasoned professionals are dedicated to learning and achieving best-in-class social and digital media strategies & execution.

Our location

37 Tannery Lane, Tannery House, #03-02 Singapore 347790
Tel : +65 6846 1990