Get Your Creativity Juices Flowing With New Social Media Content Ideas


It’s difficult to constantly think of creative content ideas to up your social media game. You can find yourself asking questions like: What content should I share on social media profiles? How can I use the latest Instagram feature effectively? This article will save you from your creative rut.

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The Life of a Social Media Manager


A social media manager is an important part of a company’s marketing team. Overall, social media managers are in charge of the strategy to promote a brand online and also work with clients and customers. Check out the infographic that outlines all the things social media managers do!

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Digital Marketing Certifications You Can Get in 2017


Because digital marketing is such a fast-evolving industry, it isn’t easy to get a qualification to prove your expertise. Luckily, there are various digital certifications on offer. Google, Bing, Facebook, and Twitter all provide courses and training to be digital marketing certified.

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4 Ways to Protect Your Brand On Social Media


Building a social media presence for your brand is crucial if you value it. However, social media marketing can be dangerous for smaller brands. In order to protect your brand’s social media identity you should develop a social media policy, secure control of your brand name, keep passwords safe, and monitor social media mentions.

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8 Reasons Why Your Social Media Campaign Is Not Working


Over one third of the world’s population uses at least one social media platform, which explains why marketers are relying so heavily on social media. But just because some find success on social media, doesn’t mean that success is guaranteed. It is important to learn and avoid common mistakes that can cause your social media campaigns to fail. Find out why your social media campaign is failing in the article here.

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