Will Instagram Stories lead to the demise of Snapchat? Early data has shown that Snapchat remains the most popular social media app among teenagers, despite the introduction of Instagram Stories in August. Read more here.

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4 Ways to Incorporate Instagram Stories into your Social Marketing Efforts


Instagram Stories allow brands to further engage with followers, increase content visibility and promote brand presence on the platform. Find out how you can leverage Instagram Stories in your social media strategy here!

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5 Social Advertising Strategies To Outsmart Your Competition


If you aren’t targeting users whose interests include your direct competitors in your Facebook media buying, you’re doing it wrong. Get ahead of your competitors with these 5 advertising strategies! Read more here.

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How Facebook News Feed Works


Want to know how you can get your content to be seen by more people? Find out how and what Facebook chooses to show in a typical user’s news feed. Read more here.

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Social Customer Service is the New Marketing


According to a new study conducted by Twitter, responding to customer tweets boosts customer willingness to spend with the business. The fastest responses generate the greatest revenue impact – for example, when airline responded to a customer’s Tweet in less than six minutes, the customer was willing to pay almost USD$20 more for that airline in the future! 

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