The Rise of the Micro Influencer


Influencer strategies used to be about aligning the brand with the person with the largest following to reap results and reach. Enter the age of the micro-influencer, where more brands are turning to people with far less numbers of followers to help them share their messages.

What does a brand get in return of recruiting the micro influencer?
Authenticity, unique points of view, deeper storytelling and the potential of reaching a more tailored audience.

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Skype…what? You can now text and video chat on the same time on Facebook Messenger!


On September 1st, Facebook introduced the instant video feature on its Messenger platform. The latest version of Messenger for iOS and Android now allows you to easily add visuals to your chats by simply tapping the new video icon located within your Messenger conversation threads. This action will activate your camera, allowing you to instantly capture and share a live video with your friends.

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We think it’s a pretty neat feature. What do you think?

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How to Win New Followers & Customers with your Responses on Instagram


Most brands do not engage in conversations on Instagram. Which is odd when you think about it, as a vast majority of businesses can’t afford to ignore comments on Facebook or customer complaints on Twitter. So why would brands disregard Instagram comments altogether?

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Instagram to Replace Photo Map Option with New Light Level Detection Tool


Given that maps and location services have always played a significant role in the development of Instagram, the company has confirmed that they are removing the photo maps option from the app. They will be replacing it with a new feature that helps to optimise your camera settings at variable light levels.

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Facebook Testing New Feature to Encourage Conversations


In Facebook’s latest effort to get users sharing and interacting more with friends, they are testing out a new “What friends are talking about” feature which highlights active conversations within their network.

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It is similar to Twitter’s “Trends” box which highlights trending hashtags and what your connections are discussing about.

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