Instagram by the numbers


Want to get a better understanding of Instagram’s expanding audience? Check out this infographic from Younity!

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Candid, the new anonymous social network wants you to stay candid AND civilised


Because why not? Enter Candid, a new anonymous social network that is curated and moderated by artificial intelligence and natural language processing, which aims to flag or remove inappropriate content and keep a conversation polite and civilised.

Just because others may not know who you are on Candid doesn’t mean Candid can’t keep things clean. Read more about it here!

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This New Instagram trend may just inspire you to take your cat on your next camping trip!


First, it was #followmeto. And then we had #instagramhusband. #Campingwithcats may just inspire you cat lovers to take your feline mates out for your next outdoor adventure. Word of caution: Cat enjoying camping trip not guaranteed. More here!

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Twitter test redesigns how you compose new tweets


Twitter is experimenting with a new look for the tweet composer in its iOS app. The test moves the app’s tweet composer to the top of users’ timelines instead of appearing separately in the app. This new look will cause the app to behave more like Twitter’s desktop website.

Read more here.

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Facebook to roll out Instant Articles in Messenger


Facebook will make Instant Articles accessible on Messenger over the next few weeks, beginning with support for Android, followed by iOS. An Instant Article link loads up to ten times faster than a standard mobile web article and Facebook wants to ensure that everyone on Messenger could have the same great reading experience.

Read more about this new update here.

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