Making The Most Of Social Media, Even When It’s Not Driving Sales

Marketing Tips, Tactics for Top Social Media Networks

Image: Marketing Land

Not getting the most of your social media presence? A lot of businesses have yet to unlock the formula of converting their social media investment to actual purchases. But there are a lot of features that can help you with that.

For example, Facebook Ads gives marketers the opportunity to match their product and services to Facebook data to yield more targeted and relevant messages to the right people.

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Facebook Updates Video Metrics in Page Insights

New Video Metrics

New Video Metrics | Image: Facebook

Do you love publishing your online video content on Facebook? Good news! Facebook’s new redesigned video metrics interface now allows publishers to access key video metrics to thoroughly assess and improve their video strategies.

With the updated interface, publishers can now get the information of the following: [1] total minutes of watch time spent on the video, [2] video reach, [3] video impressions, [4] the number of times the video was viewed up to 10 seconds and [5] average percent completion.

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Snapchat will now let you create custom geofilters


Image: Snapchat

Since the launch of the video-messaging application, Snapchat has been a crowd favourite when it comes to real-time video content. Now that Snapchat rolled out their new custom geofilter feature, people and businesses can now create temporary specialised filters or design templates for private events like birthday parties or weddings. This feature can be set up using their new online tool.

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How to Get Started on the Most Popular Social Media Networks


Planning to start your business’ social media presence? Most people would think that having presence in every social media channel available is the most effective way. The truth is, it’s not always effective especially for small businesses. You can focus on the best platforms applicable to your business, learn how you can optimise your presence there and create great results.

Facebook and Twitter give you the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with your customers. Pinterest lets you inspire and educate your customers on new skills, products or projects while Instagram is a way for you to share more of your business perspective.

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Twitter Introduces Two New Customer Service Tools


Twitter announces new tools to help connect businesses and customers better: Direct Messages (DM) and Customer Feedback. DMs aren’t new, but businesses can now add a link on their Tweets that allows their customers to send the business a Direct Message easily and quickly.

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