How to Implement a Social content strategy


The brand values

Developing a content strategy often starts with an in-depth analysis of the brand values and brand territory. Big words you will say, but it does not seems so tricky, just visit the online brand site and click on the section “About us” or ” our Corporate value”; extract the key points from the brand history, what topics, pillars the brand is carrying overtime in terms of consumer values, business, social and human objectives.

Matching brand values with Audience’s actual interests

Running a keyword analysis will help you to uncover the real language of your target audience. You may be surprised by the conversation of your users.  The community is using its own lingo , let them play, and get inspired with what they expect from your brand on the social web.

Here , listening is about getting the right keywords from the search engines (Your SEO strategy). A keyword analysis begins with a list of words or phrases that you believe your audience is using to find products or services like yours. To identify the right keywords that you have to reapply on your content,  use Google Adwords to discover the most search terms related to your business.

  • Google AdWordsa free tool that uses Google AdWords data to determine what phrases are popular.

Where your audience is ?

From statistics and Audience tracking tools, you have to identify the split of you audience across channels. Plenty of tools will help you to identify your demographics and user profiles.

  • Google AdPlanner : find our more on placement, reach, interests of your audience.

Eventually you will have to identify the key social platforms to engage your audience :

For consumer brands and B2C, Facebook is of course the main channel to build your community and seed your content. Blogs, online video sharing and forums will carry your influencers and brand advocates. The latter are utmost important to drive both product, services awareness and user’s advocacy.

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for B2B (business to business) companies. Facebook does well for B2C (business to consumer) offerings. Blogs and online video-sharing sites like YouTube can work for any audience, but may be blocked by corporate firewalls.

You can also use “listening tools” like Radian 6 or Synthesio to see if the conversations are already taking place across social media. There are a number of free and paid tools for listening for specific terms in social media.

The content pillars

In order to seed content on your Facebook activity stream or commonly labelled “wall” , you need to identify a few content pillars to drive (1) your brand superiority, (2) the brand relevancy.  What are the consumer insights ? How do they understand your product / service ?. Your brand is superior versus the competition…

{Insert content pillars matrix}



Measuring the Results

A keyword analysis and some social media demographics will get you started, but you need to measure the impact of your conversations to see if you’re making headway. I recommend—at least at the beginning—to keep this as simple as possible. Some suggestions:

  • Track how many comments and Likes your Facebook post gets.
  • Track monthly how many followers, retweets and mentions you or your brand gets.
  • Measure how many comments your blog posts get and how much traffic they receive.
  • Measure social media referral traffic to your website; in other words, how much traffic is sent from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn?

It takes all kinds to make the (digital) world go round


Plenty of studies have revealed the different personalities you encounter on social media. Don’t be fooled, people you know in real life might take on extremely different personalities online. What prevailed from these studies are the extremes of traits, such as the informers and the lurkers.


Many a times, it is difficult to differentiate one personality from the other, especially from looking at just the persona’s profile. Queue the social media agency!

At One9Ninety, we pride ourselves in identifying the social media influencers that make the difference to whether a brand’s social media presence sink or swim. As we all know it, it is much easier to trust consumer recommendations than brand advertisements. A whopping 78% of consumers rather make purchase decisions based on recommendations than to have seen in an advertisement. So, we look out for the obsessed and the informers on social media. Those who are trusted and liked by their large following, who post valuable and original content regularly, and we let them speak for the brands. They generally rank highly in all the aspects of the “Big Five”: Neuroticism, Extraversion, Openness, Agreeableness and Conscientiousness.

Using digital tools and expertise in identifying these influencers, we connect them to brands that they mirror to build valuable and beneficial relationships.

One9Ninety wins Playboy Fragrances Regional APAC and renewal of Volvo Cars


October 23, 2013 One9Ninety wins new regional business  with Playboy Fragrances and renewal of Volvo Cars

pb-fragrances volvo-logo


Playboy Fragrances Asia

Playboy Fragrances, managed by COTY ASIA, has appointed One9Ninety as its AOR to develop a digital and social strategy across SEA and North Asia. Launching Nov 13, the 360° digital plan includes media buy, Facebook activation (content, creative campaigns, applications) and an innovative gamified social networking mobile application. The programme aims at offering ‘retailtainment’ to Playboy Fragrances’ 18 to 25-target audience and an always-on social CRM tool to the brand managers.

Quote from Christelle Simeon – Regional Marketing Director of COTY ASIA

“One9Ninety’s digital strategy for Playboy Fragrances best understood the specific needs of a global brand managed by a regional marketing team and marketed in multi-faceted local markets and retailers. The Facebook and mobile solutions we chose match the Social Local Mobile (SoLoMo) and always-on digital platform we have been looking for. The simple dashboard access offered by the One9Ninety platform solution should equip our local markets to drive future campaigns, engagement, sales and loyalty”

Quote from Laurent Verrier CEO of One9Ninety

“Renewing Volvo Cars is as fulfilling as winning new regional business with such brand as Playboy Fragrances. I am also particularly excited by the combination of expertise, the seniority and energy Suba, Christophe, Charles and Xinyi bring to the party. New talents, large brands placing and renewing their trust in One9Ninety to deliver regional strategies not only give us added scale, but extra motivation and confidence to push forth innovative and effective social, mobile and digital solutions”

Recent Appointments

Full service social-media agency One9Ninety recently hired Suba Veilathurai as Account Director and Christophe Laguet as Strategy and Operations Director. Suba brings 15 years experience from senior management positions at Lycos, MTV/ Nickelodeon, SingTel (InSing) and more recently Club21 where she held the Global Digital Manager position. Christophe’s 15 years experience in digital marketing and project management was acquired at CanalWeb, Orange Telco, Eyeka. Chris supported e-commerce and digital operations for OSIM International, Diageo, and while at agency Omnino. He joined One9Ninety from Leo Burnett where he was Senior Manager CRM Digital for SKII ASEAN. Two other recent additions to One9Ninety are Charles Crouspeyre who will lead the tech and development team and Xinyi Cai who will strengthen the account management Team.
Campaign Asia Article One9Ninety Volvo: Playboy win 25th Oct 13

Why hiring a social media company is a smart move


A Definition of Social Media Company

At first we need to consider a relevant definition of what are  Social Media Companies. Nonetheless the landscape of digital media agencies is quite crowded in Singapore, most of them pretend to deliver Social Media Insights, strategy, campaign execution, application etc.  The reality is more complex as Social Media actually encompasses existing digital activities in a company. (SEO, Search, app development).

Whether you want to hire in-house or to outsource a social media expertise, it will require the following skill sets :

Insight1- Audit, strategy and understanding of the competitive landscape

Assuming your company has limited resources in digital strategy, you should hire a full time Social Media Company with dual skill set in research, insights, and tech savvy to understand the use of social media platform (Listening tools, search engine tools, etc) .  Before any Social Media campaign execution, there is a thinking and ideation process to be involved and the Social Strategist is key in kick starting the research and positioning of your digital campaign.

network2. The Social Media Manager

He is the key person in the team that drive the project and deliver client’s expectations. If your social media manager works in Solo, the tasks are tough for him or her as he/she will need the support of other resources. There are people who do absolutely everything themselves but we recommend the Social Media Manager to be aided by a minimal team composed of  a Digital Designer, a PR or content manager and a Community manager. The whole team will be your social media crew !

Word of mouth3. Content is King

Hiring an editor or proofreader is compulsory to support the social media marketer. All the content created for the purpose of your campaign must be localised. It is common that the client is looking for a Regional campaign, hence be able to target audience in their native language, cultural context, environment.

mail4. The Time Required to Manage Social Media Varies

Your industry and what your constituents expect from social media will determine where and how often you publish. Usually you are invited to publish once per day minimum. A 5 posts of week frequency is an usual practise. In the retail business, posting during the week-end makes sense to drive consumers in-store and in particular in Asia. If you’re in financial services or a more big B2B Corporation, you will disseminate content on a weekly basis to create the awareness of a new product launch or any upcoming PR events.

target5. Eventually you Manage your KPIs through Analytics

The agency will help to define, build and track your dashboard and deliver timely reports for your management. Of course, you may decide to internalise this job and ensure your team are capable to edit the metrics, tune up the dashboard by themselves. Currently any SaaS solutions of the market, this is pretty easy for any administrator or account executive to deliver Social Media Reports, no phD is required. However this task can be time consuming and the analysis always require in depth understanding of the social data and insights. Only a Social Media Agency will enable the translation of actionable insights for the company.


Watsons Singapore is socially devoted


The One9Ninety Team is proud to announce that Watsons Singapore was listed among the top 10 most socially devoted brands in Singapore for Q1 2013, as measured by SocialBakers. This certificate acknowledges that the community management Team behind Watsons achieved over 97% response rate over that quarter!  Not a small feat for such an active community. Big up to the Team for their hard work and performance.

More details here